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Wednesday 12th January 2011 ~ Contingency Plans

It's always interesting to see what the powers that be do when the half hourly service goes to pot. That was what happened today mid morning and due to a late start for me, the first Peterborough bound service I saw was L8, which unusually for the second day running had a B7, 37158 in fact and this was arriving in Wisbech 17 late. Y9 suffered a worse fate and 37573 was 34 late past Bruce and 38 late from Wisbech, the added delay being caused by temporary lights on Lynn Road. Because of the heavy delay to Y9, 37567 on L10 was turned round at Wisbech, it arrived just after 11.30 and then departed at 11.56 as Y9 back to the coast. 37573 then became L10 which it was already running in the times of.
Westbound services then left Wisbech like this, L11 with 37574 14 late, L12 37159 20 late and Y13, the 12.18 departure,  37156 16 late.
There was another B9 failure today with 37570 on K16 being stopped at Wisbech with an ABS fault. It was driven back to Vancouver Avenue for attention and is believed to have resumed K16 at 16.02 to Lowestoft. This did mean a gap in the service though and there was nothing eastbound between K15 with 37578 at 15.02 and K17 with 37571 at 16.01, these times were passing the blog hq, so both were about 11 late.
37579 was back on the route today working K19 and Michael Bryant reports The Beast (20107) on the 12.08 Lowestoft  to Norwich X2, along with 37157 on the 007 Beccles schools contract.

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