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Monday 21st September 2009 ~ Bruce Bypassed

The half hourly service through Walpole Highway monitored ever vigilantly by Bruce, fell apart this morning. First absentee was K5 09.05 from Peterborough which passed my workplace just outside Wisbech 3 late, but then went direct to Lynn as the previous service, K4 with 37565, was running 25 late and presumably picked up all the awaiting passengers in these rural parts. The road closure at Eye is assumed to be the cause of K4s late running. 565 made up time well and was only 2 late this evening incidentally.

Y9 06.45 from James Paget Hospital, due off Lynn precisely three hours later also failed to appear and it looks like 37575 took a short cut as it was only ten late when seen by Bruce on the return. The fun continued with L10 passing the Highway with 20121 a mere 8 late. Now 121 is hardly a regular these days and Andy James reports it working its usual Hunstanton schools contract this morning before being pressed into frontline duty. Bruce joined Andy at Lynn bus station to see 121 returning from Peterborough at 12.54 where it was replaced by 20352, the coach which had earlier come in from Lowestoft on this turn and which was now deemed fit to continue.
37577 was off the road at Lynn today which doesn't bode well as it was only serviced last week after its long lay off. 37570 also remained at Lynn awaiting parts.
Michael F had a trip out today and says "I travelled on K15 09.25 Lowestoft X1 this morning to Norwich 37573... and passed the following travelling eastwards 20107(The Beast!) on K16/ 37574 K17/ 37569 K18 / 37579 K19/ Triaxle 30104 working the 10:10 Norwich to Yarmouth / 37564 K1/ 20351 K2/ 20353 K3 and later saw 37565 & 20106 all heading for Lowestoft.Travelling back to Lowestoft on the 12:38 X2 34111 I passed 20104 working the 12:08 Lowestoft to Norwich X2 service". Reports like this are much appreciated, particularly from the eastern end which sometimes gets a little neglected in the blog. Only B10M out today not mentioned thus far was 20103 which performed on Y13.

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