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Saturday 26th September 2009 ~ Transition

The usual line up of B10Ms for schools work at Rowan Road this afternoon along with B7 20352 destined for greater things.
B7 Gemini 37159 is yet to appear on the X1. It is seen here leaving King's Lynn for Hunstanton this afternoon.

Gemini 37573 heads for Lowestoft just after 13.30 today on L12. 573 still carries the 'G Force' advert applied in July following a long period out of service at Volvo.

At one time many of the B10Ms carried rear adverts featuring maps of the then Excel network. With only the X1 and X2 having survived the cull a couple of years ago, it has taken until this week for X1 regular 20104 to lose its advert and 20105 as shown above is the last B10M to carry this.

37572, the Gemini apparently being exhibited at tomorrow's Showbus event at Duxford has had a strange week. On Thursday night it arrived at Yarmouth on K18 which terminates there at 19.20 but was switched to the 19.30 departure back to Peterborough (Y13) replacing 37567. Then today it began the day on K18 again, but was swapped this afternoon at Yarmouth for 37574. It is assumed this was to give the Yarmouth cleaners time to prepare it for tomorrow's event. King's Lynn were actually unaware until today that 37572 was to be exhibited and none too pleased either it would seem, particularly with 572 being a Lynn bus. There were no other swaps today though and it may well end up being the last day a B7 works on the X1 with 20353 once again doing K3. 37159 was earning its keep on Hunstanton services again, but still requires attention before it can do the X1. 37579 was stopped this evening for MOT prep, the last of the King's Lynn B9s to be dealt with. 20103/4/7 have now done X1 work solidly since Tuesday, today 103 - the noisy one - was on K16, 104 was Y10 and 107 K1. Lowestoft's 37565 & 37568 were unusually rostered on K19 and K17, both KL internal diagrams today.

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