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Thursday 17th September 2009 ~ Geminis Revived

First sign of anything unusual today came early on with Bruce sighting the return to traffic of 37579 working K19. Then this evening 37577 was back at King's Lynn undergoing safety checks, so its return to service must be imminent which will just leave 37571/6 off the road. 20115 was also noted in Norwich by Sam, so its MOT has been completed. Meanwhile news has surfaced of yesterday's L10 mystery. 20351 was indeed as we suspected the vehicle on this turn, but it expired at Guyhirn at about 11.15 with a fuel fault and eventually had to be towed back to Lynn for repairs. 65526 then did the 12.03 to Lowestoft in its place. L10 has actually had a B7 every day so far this week, but what is very odd is that on Monday with 20352 and yesterday with 351, the 10.15 Lynn to Peterborough did not pass Bruce's observatory at Walpole Highway, so may be late running meant the A47 bypass was used ? In the opposite direction, K16 has also become a B7 turn this week.
New arrival 37159 was in disgrace today with a failed brake sensor. Close inspection of the bodywork on this bus reveals it has had a hard life so far with various scrapes and bumps despite only having clocked 116,340 miles. Whilst on mileages, 37572 should become the first Lynn B9 to pass the 100k mark tomorrow afternoon. Gemini 37574 continues to make a name for itself and enjoyed a 53rd consecutive day in traffic and during this period it has amassed over 19,000 miles !!
Once again today K3 was 65528, noted on time both morning and pm and reported by Peter R and Jamie R amongst others. Surely tomorrow it will return to its local work ? 20106 was a minute early on K2 this morning, seen by Rob B and myself and 20104 which did K4 16.45 Lynn to Peterborough was 10 late going over, but 1 early returning. Beast 107 did K18 and because 37564 needed a service, 34108 deputised on L12. 37568 is also due a service and although it started out on K14, this turn failed to materialise at Wisbech for the 12.48 to Peterborough. Whether this was due to a driver shortage or a failure is not known. 37570 did the following turn, K15 and was heavily loaded and ran 14 minutes late to Peterborough.
Sam says "To make a bad day worse, I had to come home on 37564! This worked the 6:38 X2 from Lowestoft this morning and the 16:38 from Norwich. I think it had been serviced during the day as all seatbelts were bucked, looks off now as they haven't bothered to put the front wheelnut rings back on it...6:53 from Lowestoft failed; something about no fitters on duty; must be this new management from Yarmouth thing! Someone sent 34158 to work from Loddon onwards!34186 left for JPH with X9 on the front; 20115 had rocked up to probably going on a short?". for more musings by Sam on the X2 and associated services, check out his blog at :

The vehicle situation should improve dramatically tomorrow with Lynn having 20351, 37577 and 37578 all back in traffic.

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