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Sunday 20th September 2009 ~ Did Somebody Know ?

With toned down wheel hubs, Lowestoft's 37564 was as befits the most reliable B9, in service this afternoon.
Until the last timetable change, Yarmouth and King's Lynn garages were entirely responsible for providing the vehicles for the Sunday X1. Since then though, Lowestoft has had a single turn. The 06.35 King's Lynn to Lowestoft goes empty to Yarmouth on arrival and Lowestoft then provide a replacement to work the 09.48 to Peterborough. With 37574 looking for an opportunity to extend its record of 55 continuous days service and with it ending up at Lowestoft last night, the 09.48 was the turn to watch, but unfortunately this ended up with 37573. The chance then seemed to have gone, but as luck would have it, 37578 on the 17.10 from Peterborough which is in to Lowestoft at 21.30 was unable to return to King's Lynn on the final westbound service from the coast at 21.48. Almost as if someone was in the know, none other than 37574 was produced to work this last turn of the day, so 56 days it is now and the record continues.
There were two coaches out today, both Profiles with 20352 on Y4 07.30 ex Yarmouth etc and 20353 with Y5 08.30 from the resort. Following Sam's revelation that Lowestoft's 37564 has lost its wheel adornments, tonight 37569 and 20107 were both similarly noted in King's Lynn garage.

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