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Thursday 10th September 2009 ~ Rumours Rumours Everywhere

2007 registered B7 Gemini 37158 at Norwich Thorpe station this morning. Could these be added to the X1 fleet before long ?
It would seem that the planned impending changes to the X1 vehicle allocation are now common knowledge. Two drivers told me independently today confirming what I'd heard at the end of last week. The B7 Profiles are apparently to go to Essex and in return B12 Paragons 20500/1 are supposed to be returning. Very odd considering that they have been repainted and branded for the Colchester to Stansted Airport service only six months back. The B7 Geminis at Norwich in the 37156-60 series are to make up the shortfall, although these will need repainting and other attention if they are to join the X1 fleet. The influx of Tridents at Norwich will presumably cover the deficit here.

I was away today, so once again Bruce has provided the blog details : K1 37566, K2 37572, K3 20351, K4 20353, K5 37579, Y6 37574, Y7 20103, L8 37563, Y9 37564, L10 37567, L11 20352, L12 20106, Y13 37565, K14 37568, K15 37570, K16 20104, K17 37575, K18 37569 and
K19 37578.

The number of substitutes was down today as 37578 was back bringing the Gemini total to 13.

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Rob Brooks said...

Looks like our paths must have (almost) crossed on thursday. I was at Norwich between 0900 and 1000 for a saftey breifing!!