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Thursday 24th September 2009 ~ Going Spare

An almost unknown phenomenon has occurred over the past couple of days - that of 'spare' buses ! This morning, King's Lynn were for the second consecutive day, able to hold 20121 as emergency cover as well as B7 20352. At Lowestoft five B9s were resident for four diagrams. K1 this morning was 37566 but it then did an X2 turn commencing with the 12.08 ex Lowestoft, reported by Sam and Michael B, so it looks like 37565 (the spare one) did the second part of K1. It seems that the B7 Profiles will finish their X1 duties on internal King's Lynn turns and today 351 was K3 and 353 K5.
Three new advertising campaigns began this week and are featured on several B9s. A second T Mobile ad and two variations of ads for Reed employment agency are joined by one for 'Squares'.
Marcus says that following Tuesday mornings chaos, the Peterborough road closure was postponed and other options are being looked at. Today timekeeping was exceptionally good. B10Ms on the service were 20103 on K16, 20104 on Y7 and 20107 on K4. 37577 had its MOT completed today.

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