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Saturday 5th September 2009 ~ Light At The End Of The Tunnel ?

Today there was a glimmer of hope for the operators of the X1 when 13 Geminis were in traffic plus the three Profiles. This just left 34108 on K1, 20103 on Y7 and 20107 on Y9. 107 was in trouble with slipping gears at Toftwood this morning and fitters had to attend. It was roadtested as far as Lynn but performed without fault and was allowed to complete the turn. 20106 began the day on K2 and was replaced about 09.00 at Lynn by 37579.
Lowestoft kept 20105, so the schools buses for next week will be 20106/18/21 as things stand. Timekeeping was OK today but 37572 on K5 slipped down the Wisbech bypass on the 17.15 Lynn - Peterborough to regain lost time. K19 had a Lowestoft B9 for the second consecutive day, yesterday it was 566 and today 567. In addition today 37564 was K17.

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