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Tuesday 15th September 2009 ~ Blimey That Was Quick !

Bearing in mind - and I'm trying desperately not to sound cynical here - the speed at which changes of policy at 'First' take to actually happen as a rule, it came as a big surprise to find that Norwich Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Gemini AU07DXW, alias 37159 has arrived at King's Lynn. It was collected from Norwich Volvo this evening and one therefore assumes that certain modifications may have been carried out. If it does actually work an X1 tomorrow, it is likely to knock out Scania 65528 which was deputising for the third consecutive day on K3. We may be jumping the gun here though, so let's not get too enthusiastic. The B9 VOR list at the moment is 37571, back home in Northern Ireland/collision repairs, 37576/7 both Volvo, Norwich awaiting parts, 37578 King's Lynn MOT and 37579 requiring four replacement injectors and pending transfer from King's Lynn to Volvo.
Sam says "The BEAST (20107) worked the 17:38 X2 to Beccles from Norwich and also noted was 65528 on K3 at 11:20 leaving Norwich". Rob Brooks adds "I'm on 37565 Y13 1218 Wisbech - Peterboro arr 1215 dep 1218 ; also seen 37567 at Thorney Toll on L11 1237 to Lowestoft and 37569 K14 13.35 Pb - Low with an Un/id B7 for K16 1435 Pb - Low. A little shunt at Thorney Toll with a lorry, van and car held us up for 10mins or so. New timetables set out at Wisbech, seems they've missed the X1 out!".
Jamie Vendy writes " From Terry on Essex gen : The operation of X22 will be extended to Clacton in November, and no longer run from Colchester. A batch of Volvo coaches are coming for this service, & the existing stock is to be returned to FEC". So little doubt then that the B7 Profiles are indeed to move on following a distinctly undistinguished career on the X1.
A little milestone for Gemini 37567 today as it passed the 100,000 miles mark. As things stand, none of the Lynn based examples have yet reached the 100k, but 37575 looks likely to be first this coming weekend.
Traffic was exceptionally light today and the timetable was therefore pretty much adhered to. Biggest delay I saw followed the shunt described above by Rob which meant 565 was 5 late arriving at Wisbech for the 13.56 to Lowestoft. Andy James witnessed the worst offender timewise today, this being 20106 on K2 which was 21 late from Lynn on the 15.45 to Peterborough and was ironically followed by 65528 on the 16.15 departure running to time.
More B10M workings today were the noisy 20103 on Y7 and 20104 on K4. Finally returning briefly to last night and 104 was poorly for the 20.50 to Peterborough and Rob reports 20106 being used instead.

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