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Monday 7th September 2009 ~ B10M Swansong ?

37567 was standing in for a Lynn Gemini today and is seen arriving at Wisbech for the 17.48 departure to Peterborough.
An everyday scene with 20104 loading at Queensgate on L11, the 12.15 to Lowestoft today, but for how much longer ? Photo by Rob B.

20353 running anonymously these days without front fleet number photographed near Queensgate on L10 this morning by Rob Brooks.

Can't say any more yet because I'm sworn to secrecy, but it is looking increasingly likely that the remaining B10Ms will be replaced before too long, so get your photos while you can. Not a surprise really as the contrast between the coaches and the Geminis is quite stark. Today again a dozen B9s were available, but 37566 was kept at Lowestoft and 20104 used instead on L11. L12 had 20105 and K4 20103, while 20107 was on K16 and behaved well enough to be used on the return trip to Peterborough. 20351 was K3 and 20352 Y13 - running 11 late on the last one to P'borough tonight. 20353 was L10.
There was a timekeeping issue early on with 20103 on K4 being 16 late into Wisbech to work the 09.26 to Lowestoft, it was however on time this evening. The previous service, K3 had been 10 late goimg east. On the B9 front, 37569 stood in for a Lynn example on K19 as did 37567 on K5.

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Sam Wickham said...

Well, that surprises me - I'd been told the complete opposite...! Guess we will have to wait and see!