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Saturday 19th September 2009 ~ No More Cider Anymore !

This rather colourful advert depicting Norfolk town signs can be seen on the back of 37572/8.
37572 passed the 100k milestone yesterday. It is the only B9 without advertising and this on only one side. It is seen at Tilney on K3 12.55 from Lowestoft this afternoon.

The past and possibly the future ? 20123, 20131 and 37159 at Rowan Road this afternoon.
Doesn't have the same ring as 'No More Heroes' does it ? Anyway 34108 made a surprise outing on Y6 this morning, the 05.50 from Yarmouth. However, similarly to 20107 on this turn yesterday morning, it came off at King's Lynn due to an unspecified defect. This time 20106 was provided to do the trip to Peterborough and back. 34108 then resumed the turn at 11.02. Michael B rang this afternoon to say he'd viewed 34108 leaving Norwich on the 15.55 to Peterborough, but it had him fooled for a moment as it has had the overall rear ad for Thatchers Cider removed. Strange, because I'm pretty certain it was in situ on Thursday.
The timetable was adhered to quite well today, but K17 13.45 Lynn to Peterborough with 37564 was 20 late going west, but just 7 late returning.
Today's vehicles on X1 through Lynn were : 37563-569, 37572-75, 37577-79, 34108, 20103/6/7 & 20351/2/3. 563 did K14 to Lowestoft but was swapped there for 37574.
37577 retains adverts for Harry Potter and Cadburys Twisted after its long stay at Volvo.

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Sam Wickham said...

Re: Cider Adverts
Over time they should all have them removed (and those with the other non-local adverts) I think they are being done one by one, being rubbed down, painted and then having a new adverts added...!