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Monday September 28th 2009 ~ Normal or Not ?

It would be nice to say that the X1 returned to normal today, but what is normal ? In some ways today was far from that. The first westbound departure from the coast, Y6 05.50 from Yarmouth was worked by 37572 fresh from its Showbus outing and the following then went past going to Peterborough : 37565, 37567, 37573, 37575, 37574, 37566, 37578, 37563, 37577, 37569, 37576, 37564, 37570 (K19) and 37568 (K1). An amazing tally of fifteen consecutive B9 worked services. Pats on the back all round ! K2 was 20104 and this was the only B10M out today, we then completed the line up with 20353 on K3, 60863 on K4 and 20352 brought out of retirement for K5. Thanks very much to Bruce and Michael Bryant for today's info, I was attending a funeral this afternoon and therefore wasn't available to view things. Partly due no doubt to the improved Gemini situation, Michael B also viewed the Beast 20107 working the 10.40 service 1a from Lowestoft to Martham.

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