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Tuesday 22nd September 2009 ~ Roadworks Riot

Today the situation with the Peterborough roadworks bit hard. Whereas yesterday, 24 minutes was the maximum delay suffered by an X1, today was much worse. Delays started early with K2 07.30 from Peterborough being 9 late at Walpole Highway with 37573, following services were then late as follows (thanks to Bruce for the observations)

K3 08.00 ex P'bo : 20352 22 late
K4 08.30 ex P'bo : 37576 51 late
K5 09.00 ex P'bo : 37575 46 late
Y6 09.30 ex P'bo : 37569 not seen
Y7 10.00 ex P'bo : 37565 23 late on A47 bypass
L8 10.30 ex P'bo : 37572 40 late

Well Bruce's toast got well and truly cold while he waited for that lot. Rob Brooks tipped us off about Y7 taking the Churchill Road and A47 out of Wisbech as Beverley was on board. The severity of the delays was added to by a three vehicle pile up near the Eye Green roundabout.
This all had a knock on effect to later services and to relieve the pressure, Lynn sent out 20353 as K4 10.02 to Lowestoft. 37576 off the original K4 then worked K5 from Lowestoft and the stepping up continued with 37575 switching from K5 to Y6 etc.
As can be seen 576 was back on the road today and 37577 is now stopped for MOT. 37570 also returned to service today with replacement injectors, meaning a massive 15 B9s were available today. B10M appearances were down to a mere two with 20103 on K16 and 20107 on L12.

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