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Friday 12th February 2010 ~ Olympian To The Rescue !

Olympian 34921 seen outside Vancouver Avenue in July last year after a repaint there and before it was transferred to Yarmouth garage.

Punctuality seemed to be fairly good today considering it was a Friday. Four B7 Geminis were in action today to ensure a full low floor day again (or so we thought). 37156 was K18, 37157 L11, 37159 K5 and 37160 K3.

Michael Bryant noted 'The Beast' lurking spare in Lowestoft bus station, but it didn't get out on the X1, possibly because of services running to time. The X2 had the dubious honour of 37579 working the 12.38 from Lowestoft. There was one swap on the X1 in the afternoon when K19 had 37578 changed for 37576 at King's Lynn.

So all in all a rather unremarkable day, that was until 37567 expired, believed to have been at Yarmouth on K16. Syd reports that instead of cancelling the service, the last surviving Leyland Olympian 34921 (G121YEV) was provided as replacement to take passengers forward to Gorleston at 18.40 !!

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