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Monday 1st February 2010 ~ The Lightning Thief

The man who plasters adverts over the buses had a busy Sunday with various X1 route vehicles appearing today adorned with new hoardings. There are two new offside dropdown ads for yet another Harry Potter sequel, 'The Lightning Thief' seen today worn by 37564 & 37579, plus an ad for BT Winter Offers noted on 37562/7, 37572/3 & 37159. Of these 37572 had somehow evaded the ad fitters for some considerable time as it was still showing a Kenco Coffee ad new on October 6th !
37578 had to have a new window fitted today, but found useful employment this evening when seen on Y6 17.45 Lynn - Peterborough on which it had replaced 37572. An earlier unconfirmed report had cited 37572 on the 13.38 Lowestoft - Norwich X2, but this was erroneous and it is believed to have been 37569. The venerable 20107 was also given a run out on the X2 today, being seen on the 14.08 ex Lowestoft. Another vehicle often used on the X1 is B7 37158 which our man on the spot reports as being used on the King's Lynn Park High School Contract 3 this afternoon.
Back on the X1, non-standard power was supplied for K19 : 20500, K5 : 20501 & K16 34108. B7s represented were 37157 and 37159 which worked K18 & K3.
The Churchill Road dual carrageway in Wisbech reopened to through traffic today and services seemed to run more punctually as a result.

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