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Tuesday 23rd February 2010 ~ Right Royale Mess with pictures by Jamie Vendy....

11.35 this morning and all is well as 34108 (aka The BBBB) arrives at Lynn on Y13, complete with the St. Trinians cast. A new ad appeared today for Sky HD and is just visible on the vehicle on the right. 37568 & 37579 have been seen with this.
Moments after this picture of The Beast was taken by Jamie this lunchtime, the awaiting passengers seen on the right were involved in a frenzied fracas as they realised the importance of getting a prime seat on 107. Alright I made that bit up. This was K16 today and the healthy loading was due to K15 being cancelled (see below).

Just after 14.30 this afternoon and 37575 should have been working the 14.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft, instead though it was pinched for a crafty turn to Fairstead - the proof is here :+0

Last weeks use of King's Lynn Geminis on Lowestoft schools contracts has been counteracted this week. 34108 is seen here at about 16.00 on a service to that fine old destination 'Gaywood Park'. Reminds me of the LKDs on the 39B !

I like this photograph very much. It's 37570 on L8 20.09 Peterborough - Lowestoft seen in a sleet storm before departing from Peterborough Rail Station tonight. Well done Mr. V

There were some very odd things happening today, not least of which was the sighting on my way to work of Messrs A. James and J. Vendy observing operations at Wisbech Horsefair roundabout ! Of more concern to passengers was that the 10.15 & 12.45 services from King's Lynn to Peterborough were cancelled and the vehicles concerned, 37568 on L10 and 37575 on K15 retired to the centre of the bus station. It is thought driver shortage was the reason, but this needs confirmation. Bruce was tearing his hair out in the observatory.
K2 07.30 Peterborough - Lowestoft had 37577 removed at Lynn and looks to have been replaced by 20500, John W reports 20118, 20121 & 20500 as having done the early morning schools turns but later Jamie V saw 500 arriving from Lowestoft on K2. 37577 can't have been too poorly as it later relieved 37566 on L12 and went to Lowestoft at 13.32.
Y13 was worked by 34108 for the second day running, but once again it was removed at Lynn at 14.30 (see accompanying pictures). 37575 off K15 was spotted by John W and Jamie V on a fill in turn working a 42 to Fairstead before regaining its X1 duty at 15.32. This is very unusual.
Following my remarks about the reliability of 37562, today it was taken off K17 at Lynn instead of working the 16.32 to Lowestoft, however, this is most likely attributable to an incident at Eye Green which closed the A47 for a time this afternoon. I saw K18 departing Wisbech for Lowestoft 33 late at 16.59 with 37574 due to this delay. Later on 20500 was taken off K2 as this turn terminates at Lowestoft, so the upshot of all this is that K2 had a fresh vehicle from 18.32, Y13 likewise at 14.32 and K17 similar at 16.32. As for what was used, well 37566 was one of these as was 34108 and the other looks to have been B10M 20118 ! My guess and it is just that, is that Y13 got 37566, K17 20118 and K2 34108, but we will see ! The Beast was hard at work all day on K16 incidentally.

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Des Speed said...

Hi Gerard,
Indeed the 12.45 ex K/L to P/B was withdrawn due to driver shortage. Also, the 13.45 ex K/L to P/B was withdrawn, driver available, no vehicle, 37562 broken down in Norwich, driver did not inform K/L control. 13.45 ex K/L driver used on 14.45 ex K/L to Wisbech and waited to pick up 15.56 ex Wisbech to Low.
In the rare 30 mins that I had in Wisbech, I took the time to wander near a certain opticians. Couldn't see you anywhere!