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Saturday 20th February 2010 ~ Shopping and Spotting

Cheryl and Carol had a day out shopping in Norwich today. They travelled by car and used the park and ride, as the thought of the prolonged journey on a freezing B9 was not inviting. They did, however, send in reports of sightings by text ! 37567 seen at Necton on L8, 37564 at the Honingham turn on Y10 and 37573 on L11. 37563 was at Norwich bus station when they arrived working K18, indeed Cheryl sent me a nice picture of it on her phone, but my technological inadequacies mean I can't reproduce it here !
Michael Bryant phoned to say that 37575 was having a day out on the X2, but the X1 wasn't entirely B9 worked. In fact three consecutive turns had alternative power, K3 with 37160, K4 with 34108 and K5 with 20500. B7s 37156 & 37157 were also in action.

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