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Wednesday February 17th 2010 ~ A Bad Day

There seemed to be delays in all quarters today. The hold ups on Lynn Road in Wisbech are due to temporary traffic lights outside Kwik Fit where apparently part of the road has collapsed. It was lunchtime when things fell apart. From Peterborough, 37567 was just 14 late through Walpole on L11.
Later 37563 went east at 14.09, about 3 late but the next eastbound service seen by Bruce was 37574 on K15 (37569 on K14 disappeared completely) at 15.32, followed closely at 15.42 by 37575 on K16. 26 and 6 late respectively. K16 had started the day with 37156, but this was changed for 575 at Lowestoft.
Y7 should have been 37565, but this evening 34108 arrived at Lynn on this turn. 20107 meanwhile continued to do its Gemini impression on K1 and 20500 was out for a second consecutive day on K3. Today's treat (?) on the X2 was 37578 which did an early morning turn as well as the 10.38 and 13.38 from Lowestoft.

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