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Tuesday 2nd February 2010 ~ Group Participation.

37577 was pictured by Jamie Vendy heading for Peterborough rail station on K16 09.55 from Lowestoft today
37157 with new 'Lighting Thief' advert seen on Y13 at Peterborough this lunchtime. [ J. Vendy

Reports were coming thick and fast from our regular correspondents today. Bruce did a morning vigil at the observatory in Walpole Highway, Jamie V spent much of the afternoon in Peterborough, Michael B was about in Beccles and Peter, Sam and the man who I'm not allowed to mention were all frantically phoning and texting to provide an accurate report on today's proceedings.
37563 was due for maintenance and instead L10 ran all day with 'The Beast'. 563 did, however, get an outing on the 11.08 Lowestoft - Norwich X2. Sam reports that 37156 also put in an X2 appearance, but it was swapped before continuing with the next stage of the diagram which involved Bernard Matthews Contract no. 3.
B7s out today were 37157 on Y13, 37159 on K3 and 37160 on K18 which ends at Yarmouth. Peter was on board Y6 this morning from Wisbech to Peterborough with 37565 and it ran via the A1101, Elm Road and Weasenham Lane rather than the Bypass. "We were on time from Wisbech, but 12 late into the railway station, so it departed immediately" says P. Jamie V's first sighting was 37157 on Y13 which departed Queensgate 3 early and from Bay 18. Both 37570 (K15) and 37562 (K17) missed the stop off point at Queensgate Bay 10 and proceeded directly to the rail station to keep time. This makes a change from missing the rail station altogether which often gets reported.

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