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Friday 18th February 2010 ~ X1 Punishment

20500 departs Queensgate on the 16.05 Peterborough to Lowestoft, running around 15 late. Photo : Jamie Vendy.
Side detail on 20500 photographed by Jamie Vendy this afternoon

Peter travelled from Wisbech to Norwich on 37573 yesterday and says " Two and a half hours freezing my n*ts off while we went round Toftwood etc etc". Undaunted however, today he took 37567 on Y6 to Peterborough en route to Derby and came back this evening on K3 17.40 on which he had 37160. "The seats are c##p but at least it was warm" says Peter ."....and just for further entertainment the driver diverted through Eye village to avoid traffic congestion, but then got pelted by snowballs by the local yobbery". Ah well, you can't have it all I suppose.
Timekeeping was not quite as dire as yesterday, but 37563 on L12 was 25 late at Walpole on the 12.35 from Peterborough. Tonight 37156 had taken its place. Afternoon services seemed to be running about 20 minutes late on average, but K15 12.45 King's Lynn to Peterborough had a very keen driver in charge of 37570 and whilst being 10 late going west, returned only 3 late when seen thrashing through Walton Highway.
There were some swaps today, 37579 and 34108 arrived at Lynn on L10 and Y13 and were replaced by 37577 and 37156, the latter seems to have terminated at Yarmouth in order for it to become L12 - see above.
The X2 went all functional again today, MB seeing 37573 on the 13.38 Lowestoft to Norwich and then 37566 on the 14.38 !
37159 is due for MOT next week and was off the road for repairs today. Jamie V was highly delighted to capture 20500 on film this afternoon when it came in to Peterborough on K19, this was the first Paragon appearance on this turn since 5th.

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