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Saturday February 13th 2010 ~ Beware The Beast

The sun shines on 37568 on the 11.55 from Lowestoft (K1) seen passing Walpole this afternoon.
Under overcast skies 37157 leaves Walton Highway about 5 minutes late on K16 09.55 Lowestoft to Peterborough. It still carries a 'Paranormal Activity' advert from last November.
Just when I thought a complete week had gone by without our favourite B10M appearing on the X1, tonight I was proved wrong when at just before 20.30 I met 20107 at the South Gates working the 19.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft (Y6). Whether it had been on the turn all day is debatable, but I think Bruce would have noticed if it had worked in the morning.

There were some other unexplained things today too. K1 had 37564 to begin the day but 37568 came back from Lowestoft on this turn. 568 had started the day on K18, so what Lowestoft found to work forward on K18 remains a mystery, possibly 34108 as this seems to be about the only candidate. 37156 should have been involved somewhere - possibly it did the morning part of Y6, but it was not reported by anyone. 37157/9/60 were out on the X1 though.
The X2 was more interesting today, with 34921 continuing its exploits on the 12.38 Lowestoft - Norwich. Once again 37579 was also on this route.

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