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Monday February 22nd 2010 ~ Roaming Royale

Michael Bryant reports B7 37156 on the 12.08 & 15.08 X2 departures from Lowestoft today and also 37567 doing a Beccles school turn and then the 18.08 X2 from Norwich. Other X2 news saw the return to traffic of 34114, but 34112 has not been sen for at least a month now.

Back in X1 territory, there was some fun with 34108 today. It worked Y13 but was taken off at Lynn at 14.30 to do the 14.40 service 43 to Wootton Ride and then light to Hunstanton for a schools turn, before taking K18 forward to Lowestoft at 17.02. Thanks to Andy James for drawing my attention to this. K18 had started the day with 37157, but B10M Beast 20107 came back only to be removed for 34108 to take over. Y13 went forward at 14.32 to Lowestoft with Paragon 20500.
The first turn from Yarmouth, Y6 had 37566 removed at Lynn this morning, it is believed it sustained a puncture and whilst this was attended to, 37159 deputised to Peterborough and back. After this 159 was stopped for its MOT.
Punctuality was quite good today and the driver of K15 12.45 from Lynn was getting a move on and was seen 1 minute early at Walsoken. 37562 which had gone over to Lowestoft last night came back today on L11.

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