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Wednesday February 10th 2010 ~ Shelter From The Snow

37567 photographed by James Race at Bernard Matthews this afternoon. Its partner from Lowestoft was a Royale on this occasion.
Icy winds today brought some heavy snow showers bringing shortlived traffic congestion to various parts of the A47. This was probably why Bruce's report features a few no shows and much late running. He says : "What a trial of a day it turned out to be :

K1 37579 14 late at 15.48
K2 was 21 late at 16.25 with perpetually late 568
K3 37578 23 late at 16.57
K4 hadn't showed up by 17.20, due 17.04
K5 a White Elephant at 08.23
Y6 avoided me
Y7 37566 near enough on time at 11.07
L8 either ran early or didn't come through Walpole Highway
Y9 37570 on time at 10.04 and 7 late at 12.11
L10 37573 1 early at 12.33
L11 37572 4 late at 13.08
L12 37159 12 late at 11.46 and very late on its return
Y13 Didn't pass my house between 11.34 and 12.35, due 12.04, but only 2 late at 14.06 with 37564
K14 37577 1 late at 12.35
K15 37574 8 late at 13.12
K16 37157 6 late at 13.40 and 7 late at 15.41
K17 37576 22 late at 14.26 and 24 late at 16.28
K18 a total mystery - not seen at 14.34 and not seen between K17 and K19 on the way back
K19 37563 15 late at 15.19 and only 9 late at 17.13

So 5 evaded me and I bet they were the interesting ones".

Well as it happened Bruce observers elsewhere confirm the opposite and it looks like it was a totally low floor day.

Of the missing turns, Jamie R travelled on a freezing 37575 on K5 tonight running 18 late from Peterborough while Y6 behind it with 37577 was 13 late leaving Wisbech on the 20.00 to Lowestoft. K4 was 37569, L8 had 37562 which was swapped at Lynn tonight for 37566 which had come in on the preceding service, Y7.

K18 continued its current trend for B7 operation with 37156, but whether this was cancelled over the western section or ran via the A47 bypass is unclear. It would have been a shame if the latter option was the case as a new bus shelter and seat was installed at the Walton Highway 'Highwayman' stop today for passengers heading to Wisbech and Peterborough !

What was unusual was the fact that heavy delays continued into the late evening with the 20.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough (37159) running 40 late at Walpole and the following final westbound service Y13 being 13 late with 37564 which was revived today after a few days off the road at Yarmouth.

B10M 20107 was again on the X2 today being seen by Sam on the 08.03 from Lowestoft, while 37567 needed servicing and then did one of the BM contracts, see picture above.

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