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Friday 5th February 2010 ~ Heated Debate

Rob Brooks writes "Re- the B9 Fridge Factor. I'm not sure these have heating in place, but at the back there's some funny little vents that seem to allways be expelling warm air, and the heat from the engine (if your on a B9 that's been in service all day) make the back of the bus the warmest place, except for the drivers area, of course". The current mild spell with heady temperatures of 6 and 7 degrees is forecast to end on Monday when freezing weather returns.

The imbalance of B9s was evident again today with Lowestoft keeping 37572/9 locally. 572 was seen by Michael B on a turn which is normally a single decker, the 13.08 Lowestoft - Norwich X2. Meanwhile, the two Lowestoft B7s were out on the X1 again with 37156 working Y9 (thanks to EastLondoner for this report) and 37157 being K18.
It was like old times tonight with Paragon 20501 on K19 following me out of Wisbech about 9 late. The driver was certainly taking advantage of the high powered monster and kept with me doing 68 down the dual carriageway to Terrington St. John. Near Walsoken we passed 'Beast' 20107 heading for Peterborough on K4.
There was a surprise this evening when Y7 arrived at King's Lynn with B10M 20127 instead of 37564 which had been on the turn during the morning.
Another subtle change noted today was that 37566 & 37573 have both had their destination font changed to the large variety over the past few days. 37562/3/5/6/7, 37573/4/5/6/8 now have this type and 37564/8/9, 37570/2/7/9 the narrower font.
Bruce reports 37562, as usual on K17 this teatime, but running almost 30 late heading for Lowestoft. Generally though it has been a good week for punctuality.
I'm off on a visit to Batemans brewery tomorrow, so you may have to wait until Sunday for the next update. Sightings as ever are welcomed.

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