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Wednesday February 3rd 2010 ~ The Gospel According to Bruce

Now I think Bruce had imbibed a few Bacardi & Cokes tonight, can't say I blame him as it has been quite an exciting week on other counts in the Billingham household, however can I suggest that those in a position of authority who might read this, just have a chuckle like I did !

Here beginneth the lesson:-
In the beginning was the Blog. And the Blog was of great fascination to those in Aberdeen and other far off climes, but not at all popular in Head Office, Norwich, and parts of Yarmouth apparently. So the Blogmeister had his X1s taken away till March. Further punishment was then inflicted on him and he was incarcerated in Long Sutton where the only buses are Green and belong to the tribes of Norfolk.
However the eyes at the Highway were as ever vigilant to note that the good Lord Richard said it shall be low floor today. But first he must rid himself of the Beast, the number of the wicked Beast being 107! And his reward shall be two reliable Paragons for, even now, they are home in the kingdom of Rowan (Road)

Thus it came to pass:-

K1 37572 7 late at 15.41
K2 37579
K3 37159
K4 The BEAST 8 late at 09.42 but 2 late at Guyhirn this evening
K5 37574
Y6 37567
Y7 37564
L8 The perpetually late 568 10 late at 10.44
Y9 37578
L10 37577
L11 37576
L12 37156
Y13 37160
K14 37569
K15 37573
K16 37566 19 late at 13.53 but only 7 late at 15.41
K17 The Mancunian 13 late at 14.17
K18 37157 10 late at 14.44
K19 a B9 that slipped past me on time while I was recording K15!!!

Thus the sinners shall be deemed to be 37563,37565, 37570 and 37575 who were cast out into the wilderness (or Bernard Matthews if closer)

Here endeth the lesson.

Now I think i've just about stopped laughing and can add that for the uninitiated, 'The Mancunian' refers to 37562 while 37575 was the bus which Bruce missed on K19. Of the others 37565 was viewed by Michael B at Lowestoft garage and 37570 was having a service at King's Lynn. 37563 ? Well who knows, it seems to become more elusive. 37156 took its place on L12 today, meanwhile K18 seems now to be booked for a B7 and this returns next day on Y13. Yarmouth have also decreed that K1 should come back next day on Y6, K4 does Y7 and L8 does Y9. Wonder how long this will last ? 34108 was viewed in use on the X2 today and the mileage on Gemini 37564 (the most travelled of the B9s) now stands at nearly 148k.

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