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Monday 31st May 2010 ~ The Bus Hasn't Turned Up Babe !

Now we are quite accustomed to seeing errant B9s taking the A47 bypass to make up time on weekdays, but not so when the service is hourly. Everything seemed to run well today except mid afternoon.
37570 came storming through Walpole Highway at 14.05 heading for Peterborough. It took the teenager standing at the bus stop quite by surprise and as he failed to move from his relaxed pose leaning against the school wall the driver of 570 did, what I myself would have done, i.e. slowed down and then not being haled, continued on his way, even though he was running 3 minutes early - which incidentally is a record for a westbound service at Walpole. Said teenager was subsequently seen trudging towards Wisbech !

Had you been another teenage person waiting at Walpole Highway for the 15.10 to Lowestoft, then possibly your disappointment would have been even greater, as this service failed to appear at all - well it hadn't done so by 15.40 anyway, meaning it was running in excess of 30 minutes late. What was seen however, was 37570 - yes the one which had been running so enthusiastically through Walpole westbound at 14.05 -  travelling along the Wisbech bypass eastbound at 15.39 and then avoiding the villages also. Given that it was seen on the 22.22 Wisbech - Peterborough this evening, it must have taken up the diagram of the missing 15.10 to Lowestoft. Still very mystifying though and not much good if you were a). The guy at Walton Highway who it seemed retired to the pub and b) aforementioned teenage person at Walpole.

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