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Sunday 31st October 2010 ~ Halloween Performance

37575 is the only B9 to not have rear advertising due to a broken frame. It is seen pasing Walpole Highway today.

37564 was the bus provided by Lowestoft today. Just visible in this shot is the broken advert for milk which has been removed from the other B9s which carried it.
By the Beast that is ! Despite it being a Sunday, Great Yarmouth is always the point of interest as Lynn and Lowestoft always have plenty of spare buses. Yarmouth end up with Saturday X1 arrivals off K1, K4 and K18 plus the bus which travels light from Lowestoft off L12. Of these only three are required on Sunday, theoretically leaving one spare. Yesterday arrivals were K1 (37579), K4 (37574), K18 (37156) and L12 (20107).
A rather sad looking 37156 at Yarmouth Caister Road today. Photo by DS
Des says "37156 failed - indicator stem broken  and sitting very low on rear suspension, so 20107 had to come out instead". 107 was actually used on Y9 09.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough. It continued back to Lowestoft where it was replaced by 37577.

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Anonymous said...

give us the rocket back 20115 :)