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Friday 15th January 2010 ~ Reports from our Correspondents

Giving an idea of how murky the weather conditions were today, Andy James photographed 563 at Lynn before departure as the 10.02 to Lowestoft (that's AM not PM in case you were wondering !).
Andy says "I have included a picture of a Konectbus Leather seated Tempo on the str8 which is in competition with the X1, all the str8's I saw today had good loadings and seem popular".

The Beast departs Dereham for Lowestoft today. Photo : A James

Following yesterday's exploits of 37565 on the X2, today it returned to normal haunts on the X1 working L12. Unfortunately though it was involved in an accident with a lorry in Wisbech at lunchtime and it was later interned in King's Lynn garage for inspection. A call to the cavalry then and what else but 20501 should come to the rescue working the 14.02 Lynn to Lowestoft etc. Sister 20500 has had a couple of days off from Excel working while problems with a fuel pump gasket and its rear suspension have been sorted. As a result of this, B7 37160 was given a run out on K3 today, while 37562 was due for an exam, so instead of its regular duty, K17, it did K5 after servicing.
Last night B7 37157 failed to complete Y7 and instead B10M 20107 came back. Today 'The Beast' was on K4 , five late this morning and three late this evening. 37562 was possibly the most delayed bus of the day, it was 22 late past Bruce at Walpole at 10.27 going eastbound.
Y9 didn't appear to run over the western section this morning for some reason and Bruce reports a double load of passengers on L10 with 37573.
Andy James was out and about today and says " I had a trip out to Swaffham, Dereham, Norwich and Fakenham today, here are my X1 sightings"
Y9 0645 JPH-PBO 37570 seen OT at Swaffham (0907)
L10 0650 LOW-PBO 37573 seen OT at Swaffham (0937)
K1 0832 KLN-LOW 37563
K4 0835 PBO-LOW 20107 seen OT at Dereham (1107) 0902 KLN-LOW 37578
Y7 1005 PBO-LOW 37572 seen OT at Norwich (1320)
K1 1155 LOW-PBO 37563 seen OT at Norwich 1325

Well thanks for those Andy and for a Friday, amazing that everything was running on time.

Rob Brooks reports "An hours vigil at the top of Elm Low Road on the Wisbech diversionary route. Saw 37579 K16 1348 Wisbech - Peterborough at Weasenham Lane 1402
37158 Y13 1358 Wisbech - Lowestoft at Weasenham Lane 1407
37567 K14 1428 Wisbech - Lowestoft at Weasenham Lane 1431
37576 K17 1418 Wisbech - Peterborough at Weasenhame Lane 1436

Slight delays this afternoon then it would appear, but nothing untoward. 34108 did K18 today and late this evening, 37578 on K2 was appropriated to do the last part of K19 back to King's Lynn instead of 37577.

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