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Wednesday 27th January 2010 ~ Peter & The Pub

".... and another thing", adds Peter, "Did you know the X1 now has a new stop ? - outside the Rose Tavern on the North Brink at Wisbech, at least that's where we dropped off a passenger with 37569 last night, I had to look in case it was you Gerard". Well no, not me this time Peter, but a commendable choice of pub I must say. Peter also says that by the time he got to Wisbech from Peterborough, he was frozen. Now there's a surprise ! I wonder if anyone in authority with 'First' will act upon these continual complaints ? I am of course assuming that some of them, at least, read this blog and I think we know the answer to that.
An entirely low floor service today was thwarted by Royale 34108 which did K16. Meanwhile 37575 returned to traffic on L11, so a quick repair by the Volvo chaps there. This meant that 20107 was given a rare day off, however, it wasn't rested and Michael Bryant reports it working for most of the day on the X2. It was seen on the 06.53 & 11.38 departures from Lowestoft.
The powers that be decided that instead of the two B12 Paragons, today K3 and K5 would have 37159 and 37158. K18 was also a B7 with 37156 doing the honours and seen departing Wisbech just one late at 13.57 eastbound.

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