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Saturday 23rd January 2010 ~ From the 'Other End'

Grahame was out with his camera this afternoon. This is 37573 at Gorleston JPH on Y6 which was running about 22 late and the return working left Lowestoft before 573 arrived with ........
'The Beast', 20107 at Gorleston JPH this afternoon on Y6 14.45 to Peterborough, 37566 behind is 25 late heading for Lowestoft. Thanks to Grahame Bessey for this splendid illustration !

Here's 37566 at the James Paget Hospital, Gorleston on Y7 10.05 from Peterborough. Late running saw it replaced at Lowestoft. Photo : Grahame Bessey

Michael Bryant contacted me this morning. He was having a photographic session at Lowestoft and was hoping that he could get the two Paragons on film. As they had been in action most of the week, this seemed a reasonable assumption and sure enough 20500 passed me on the way to work on K2 - the turn which terminates at Lowestoft in the week, but comes back to Lynn on a Saturday night to balance the 'out and back' L12. Imagine Michael's surprise then when having been tipped off about it, 37577 turned up instead ! Yes, King's Lynn had been up to their tricks and replaced 20500 with freshly serviced 577.
Whilst at Lowestoft, Michael reports the following :
K16 37565
K17 37579
K18 37568
K19 37572
K1 20127
K2 37577
K3 37159
K4 34108
K5 37574
Y6 37573 / 20107.

All wasn't straightforward though. 20127 arrived on K1 and went to the garage just as 20107 arrived in the bus station. It looked as though 'the beast' was a straight replacement, but the 11.55 departure time for K1 came and went and still no activity. Eventually 20127 returned from the depot and departed 20 late ! In contrast, Michael says that 34108 on K4 arrived at Lowestoft 10 minutes early. The reason for the arrival of 20107 soon became apparent though as Y6 failed to arrive in time to form the 14.25 and 107 was used instead. 37573 on Y6 didn't arrive until after 107 had left and then worked Y7 instead of 37566 which stayed at Lowestoft.
37157 was working on the 99 to Kessingland, while 37156 was used on L11. Grahame was out taking pictures today too, see above.

37562 was about the poorest timekeeper today. It did Y13 and was 14 late through Walpole when seen by Bruce. An accident on the A47 between Eye and Thorney caused a major delay to K19 16.05 from Peterborough. 37572 arrived at Wisbech 40 late and was followed in to the bus station at 17.31 by 20127 which was now only 10 late (see report above).
B9s not in action today were 37570 (last reported u/s at Yarmouth) and 37575 which should have been at Lowestoft, but its absence suggests it may have gone to Volvo for the adblu check.

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