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Monday 18th January 2010 ~ Just Another Day

The title of today's blog is dedicated to Paul McCartney, who when he couldn't come up with a more inspired title, wrote a song for 'Wings' with the above title !
Not that today was boring, in fact there was quite a variety of buses on the X1. Starting with coaches then and 20107 did K4, 9 late this morning and 3 late this evening and 20500 did K3. The other non- low floor service was K16 with Royale 34108. 37160 came back from Yarmouth as expected on Y9.
Absent B9s were 37565 at Full Circle and 37577 at (not yet confirmed) Volvo, Norwich. Timekeeping was pretty good today, 37570 on K5 this morning being the worst culprit when seen by Brucey 18 late.

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