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Saturday 9th January 2010 ~ Blizzards and Thaws

The weather played a few tricks today, overnight quite a blanket of snow fell west of King's Lynn and at 11.30 there were blizzard conditions momentarily. By this afternoon though, with the wind dropping and temperature rising to 2'c a steady thaw had set in. I didn't venture out until 14.30 when I saw 37566 on K14 and Royale 34108 heading for Peterborough on K18. Both were within about 5 minutes of time. Last night's disarray saw 20127 and 34108 both overnight at King's Lynn with 37563 and 37160 working the last two services to Lowestoft.
It is rare for a bus to have a regular daily diagram, but an attempt is being made to do this with loan vehicle 37562. It has worked, or at least started out working K17 on six out of the last seven occasions. This turn does the following services :
06.52 King's Lynn - Lowestoft
10.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough
15.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft
20.48 Lowestoft - King's Lynn

37562 was employed on this turn again today. B10M 20127 worked K16 which finishes as the 14.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft.

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