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Monday 25th January 2010 - Pick a Route - Any Route

Just when we thought the roads situation around Wisbech couldn't get any worse, it promptly did. See the comment from Des yesterday too.
Today, traffic lights on the Wisbech bypass saw many services divert at Guyhirn and travel via Wisbech St. Mary. 37570 back in traffic was seen arriving this way on Y13 at 13.58 - about 7 late heading east and Peter noted 37569 on K14 near Wisbech Grammar School on the same route about 10 late. The driver on Y6 05.50 from Yarmouth this morning was very keen, he was on time at Walpole Highway with 37573 and then departed Wisbech 3 minutes earlier than advertised taking the long way round via the B198 and the Wisbech bypass. Said driver was also seen on K15 12.45 ex Lynn, one minute early heading in to Wisbech, this time with 37574, but he couldn't maintain his haste on his next westbound duty, K4 was almost 15 late with 34108 when seen at Walton Highway.
Tonight I was playing crib at the Rose and only one service took the Wisbech St. Mary route past the pub between 20.30 & 22.30, this being 37566 on L10 21.05 from Peterborough. The absence of 37575 this weekend is down to a failed injector and 37572 has also gone to Volvo for Camshaft attention.
Neither of the Paragons appeared today (sorry Doreen - I know you love them) and instead 37159 did L11 and 37156 K18. L12 was 20107 which was 1 late going west this morning, but 18 late returning from Peterborough because of the Wisbech fiasco.
Rob Brooks says " Travelled on K5 18.40 from Peterborough tonight knowing it might be a Paragon - instead it was Gemini 37576 which was very cold downstairs and like an icebox upstairs !"
Yes the heating situation is shocking Rob, I still shudder when I recall a trip last Winter where I froze on a B9.
Thanks to Bruce, Rob B, Cheryl, Ian, Suzanne and Peter for sightings today.

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