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Thuesday 21st January 2010 ~ Detective Required !

Entertainment was once again provided today by the variety of routes being employed by drivers to negotiate Wisbech. The A1101 Churchill Road is completely blocked between the Fire Station and Norwich Road lights coming northbound from the A47 bypass, while a single lane remains open heading south, so Peterborough bound services were unaffected.
Gemini 37563 was unavailable first thing, something that seems to be afflicting this bus quite regularly at the moment, so 37160 began the day in its place on K4. It looks as though 563 took over eventually though, as 37160 was at Rowan Road tonight.
L12 07.45 from Lowestoft had 37157 this morning as 37568 was stopped for servicing, however, this evening L12 was seen arriving at Lynn with 37564. Nothing odd about that you might think, but 37564 was stopped at Lynn last night for a new destination screen to be fitted (as reported in yesterday's blog) and was only completed this morning, SO what happened to 37157 and how did 564 come to be on the turn ? There was no sign of 37157 at Lynn tonight, but 37158 had been released off its MOT and 37159 and 37160 (see above) were both at Rowan Road.
Y13 today was not seen, but reported as revived 37577 - absent since Saturday. Another Gemini was keeping a low profile too, with 37570 not being noted.
Beast 20107 was expected on Y7 this morning, but instead worked one of the long turns, Y6 which ends up at Lowestoft and which covers approx 465 miles. Both Paragons were out again too with 20500 on flagship duty K19. All things considered timekeeping was fair and as usual the worst offenders were K3 and K4 out of Peterborough this morning which Bruce noted 23 and 24 late with 20501 and 37160 respectively. Many thanks to Bruce for keeping up observations whilst I was off route again today.

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