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Thursday 28th January 2010 ~ Bad Luck Michael !

On Saturday last, I recounted how Michael B had been unlucky not to get a picture of a Paragon at Lowestoft. Well today, he had a few minutes to spare and popped down to view K5 which forms the 13.55 to Peterborough. This had started the day with 20501, but (obviously to annoy Michael), King's Lynn again swapped it, this time for 37159. Michael adds "What is even more frustrating, is the only B7 I require a photo of is 37158". I wouldn't bother buying any lottery tickets this week if I were you Michael !
Amongst his other sightings today were 'The Beast', once again performing on the X2, this time on the 10.08 and 13.08 from Lowestoft and later at Norwich 37563 was seen King's Lynn bound on Y7 on time at 16.25, while the balancing eastbound service, Y13, was 37566. This was notable, because it had begun the day on K14 and logic dictates that it had overtaken Y13 somewhere. 37156 had been expected on Y13, so it will be of interest to see where that turns up next.
Paragon 20500 was on K19 today, while the lack of any suitable low floor bus meant that 34108 was once again on the loose working L11. A B9 swap this morning involved 37577 on Y6 which was taken off for an oil check and repairs and replaced by freshly serviced 37575.
B10M 20105 has probably worked its last X1 duty as its MOT expires on 4th February and it is due to be withdrawn, still never say never as they say. That is over a week away !

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