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Tuesday January 5th 2010 : Creme Egg Shocker

A week earlier than last year, the Cadburys Creme Egg 2010 advertising campaign manifested itself on 37156, 37564 & 37569 today, proudly proclaiming 'Creme Egg Season is Here !'. This sort of thing on 12th night is guaranteed to get peoples backs up I would have thought.
The day began with heavy snow in the west, but this had cleared by about 10.30. 37576 on K4 08.40 from Peterborough was the badly affected and was 33 late into Wisbech. By this evening it was only 5 late however. Punctuality was hit and miss today, but generally delays were 10 minutes or less. Exceptions noted were Y6 09.35 from Peterborough with 37569 which was 15 late and K1 15.48 Wisbech - Peterborough with 37565 which was 28 late departing. Somewhere today it looks as though K18 overtook K19 and the original vehicle allocation of 37159 and 37577 became reversed with the B7 on K19.
John W was in touch and says : "Hi Gerard - and a good new year to you. Nice to see "Air Coach" 20500 sailing up Railway Road this pm. I assumed off to Hunst'on, but as I met her coming in at Gaywood 20 mins later, must have done a 42 or 43. Display read "SPECIAL" so gave little away. Other coaches about 20105/18/21....(about what I do not know)". 20500/1 were at Rowan Road tonight with 20501 having 'contract' in the destination box.
Sam says "After being subject to 40185 on the X2 this morning and seeing 40187 on X2 Out of service, things turned up for the better (slightly) 34108 working the 2nd turn of the day and THE BEAST working the 6:53/9:15/10:08 X2s. 40185 got stuck in an icy bus stop and 60306 was victim to ice also on what appeared to be the 9:08 from Norwich !"
37579 has gone from King's Lynn, presumably to Volvo for attention to its Adblu fault. Another low (yawn) floor day on the X1.

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