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Friday 29th January 2010 ~ Peter & The Roundabouts !

37573 calls at Thorney while working the 14.05 from Peterborough this afternoon

Well I couldn't resist another 'Peter &....' headline. Today he took 37575 on L11 11.18 Wisbech - Peterborough and says "We left by a rather unorthodox route, out of the bus station and onto the Horsefair roundabout, over Freedom Bridge onto the next roundabout which we circumnavigated to cross Freedom Bridge again, onto the Horsefair roundabout all the way round, back over the bridge for a third time and then took the left turn for the route via Wisbech St. Mary ! I don't think the driver was sure of where to turn off. The most surprising thing though was that the heating was working !". There's hope yet then.
It was a fairly interesting day with some drivers taking the normal route into Wisbech then diverting via Weasenham Lane, Elm Road and Church Terrace - quite tight in places. 37569 on K14 certainly took this route.
K17 had Lowestoft Gemini 37568 today which was very unusual, it is normally 37562 or in other cases a Lynn B9. 562 was K4 first thing but only operated it from King's Lynn to Peterborough and back where it was removed for a schheduled service.Its replacement was Royale 34108. Whilst on the subject of 37562, it is proving ultra relaible and since its entry into X1 service on 23rd November it has run 18,300 miles.
Paragon 20500 did K3 today and K19 had 20501 which worked until 17.30 when 37577 off repairs took over, it being seen by Bruce leaving the bus station with 501 behind en route to the garage. A correction to yesterday here as 37577 did Y6 until it expired at East Winch at about 17.30. It had a turbo pipe repair and oil check carried out today. Another Gemini back in action is 37572 which worked L8 today. 37567 did the first trip to Peterborough and back on Y13 but was surprisingly swapped for 37157 to do the second leg. 37576 was out of service at Lynn today for CCTV checks.
Despite all the activity, there was still room for guests on the X2 with 37579 doing the 06.53 and 11.38 from Lowestoft and 20107 the 10.08 and 13.08 departures. 37156 was sent out on L10, but it is not known why this was used instead of 37579.

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