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Saturday 16th January 2010 : In The Lap Of Luxury

Jamie Robinson came over to Wisbech tonight on K5 and comments "Lovely to travel on 20500, the subdued lighting, heating that works and general ambience made the journey a pleasure rather than a chore". Not only that, but he had a choice of Paragons. Had he travelled an our earlier he could have chosen 20501 on K3. I should explain here that K3 and K5 are internal King's Lynn diagrams which finish there at 18.58 and 19.58 respectively. For the record, the other three turns which begin and end at Lynn are K15, K17 and K19. Of these K17 seems the preserve of 37562. It returned to its regular duty today incidentally, while 15 & 19 are solid King's Lynn B9 duties.
B7 37160 was unusually used on K1 today, a turn which finishes at Yarmouth. This is only the second time this month a Lynn B7 has been rostered for a coastal overnight, the other occasion was when 37159 did K2 on 6th.
Predictably 20107 came back to Lynn on Y7 today and certainly on weekdays now, K4 seems to work Y7 next day almost without exception. Another high floor vehicle which spent overnight at Yarmouth was 34108 and this worked Y10 today. B7 37156 returned to Lowestoft on K16, while L11 saw the return of B9 37568 after a weeks absence. Michael Bryant noted 60863 on locals in Lowestoft today and also 37577 heading up the A146 towards Norwich at 11.00 'not in service'. It would seem likely that it is visiting Volvo in Norwich for adblu attention. This has already been completed on 37570/9 and I expect this would also explain some of the brief absences by the Lowestoft B9s.

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