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Tuesday 26th January 2010 ~ Peter and the Potholes

Peter travelled on K16 with 37570 this lunchtime from Wisbech to Peterborough. The driver took the route via Wisbech St. Mary which in common with most roads in this vicinity, has been damaged by potholes caused by the recent bad weather. "It was a very bouncy trip" recounts Peter.
Bruce and myself had a pleasant surprise this morning when 20107 came motoring off the Walpole flyover on K2, it was about 5 late. 37568 on the corresponding westbound service maintained its dubious reputation for lateness and was about 15 late on the 05.50 from Yarmouth (Y6). Tonight 568 was taken off Y6 at Lynn and the 20.35 to Lowestoft left with 37564 which had just come in on L11.
34108 seems to be having problems again and it is believed to have come off Y7 at Lynn this morning. Bruce reports Y7 passing him with 20500. It looks like the Paragon remained on the diagram for the rest of the day. For the second consecutive Sunday, 20501 was again utilised on rail replacement duties between Peterborough and Ely this last weekend. Finally just to confirm - as if you hadn't already guessed - that 37562 worked K17 again yesterday and today.

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