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Monday 11th January 2010 ~ It Was Only A Matter Of Time...

Well who would have thought it ? Exactly 14 months to the day since the last appearance of a B12 Paragon coach on the X1, this morning a text came through from Rob Brooks stating "20501 09.56 Wisbech to Lowestoft".
20501 was used on K5 all day, possibly because 37159 was temporarily unavailable, but this wasn't the only surprise as Y13 which was expected to be 37568 turned up at Wisbech with Volvo B10BLE/Wright B41F, 60863. Now the last twice it has been out on Y13 it has run out of fuel late on, so today it was refuelled at Lynn just after departure on the 14.32 to Lowestoft.
Lowestoft supplied 37564 today in place of coach 20127 and they weren't short of power as B7 37156 was seen by Michael M on the 15.08 X2 to Norwich.
Further work on South Brink at Wisbech for strengthening flood defences meant that from today for a further two months, services are being diverted via the A1101 and then Weasenham Lane to regain the normal route near Wisbech Tesco on Cromwell Road. This, unfortunately for me, means my sightings will now be extremely limited for the aforementioned period and thanks to Rob & Bruce for filling in the gaps today.

1 comment:

Scum OPG said...

Good to hear that your 2 paragons are working on non airport services...

shame they look so plain compared to the non First coach/excel style livery carried on some of first glasgows paragons... like 20507 as seen at showbus.

as ever a very interesting read.