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Friday 22nd January 2010 ~ All Is Explained.

Following my call in yesterday's blog for a detective to explain how Thursday's events had happened, both Andy James and one of our First correspondents answered my plea and I can now pass this on.
On Wednesday evening 37568 was taken off Y6 at Lynn and this was worked forward to Lowestoft at 20.35 by 37563 which had just arrived on L11. 37568 then did K14 on Thursday.
B7 37157 on Thursday's L12 was taken off this just before 13.30 and 37564 with new screen worked forward. Andy says 37157 then did work on the Hunstanton route before relieving 37160 on K4 at 16.45, with 160 taking its place on the 40s.
37570 which did L8 on Wednesday is now sidelined at Yarmouth with a recurrence of its old ABS problem, plus an Adblu issue. Ironically this is one of the vehicles which is supposed to have had this sorted !

So to today at last and an interesting day with a few delays around Wisbech due to the diversions currently in operation. 37565 arrived back at Lynn tonight following collision damage repairs at Full Circle this week. Confirmation also that 37577 is back after Adblu checks at Volvo, today it did K15.
20500 on K3 and 20501 on K19 were not unexpected today, but 20127 on L10 tonight certainly was. Royale 34108 was also back on the circuit today having replaced 37156 on Y7 at Lowestoft and thus forming the first terminating arrival at Lynn from Lowestoft this evening. There was time today for 20107 to be serviced at Lowestoft.
Michael Bryant was surprised to see K18 at Lowestoft with 37562 today - a change from its usual K17 diagram and also meaning it will overnight at Yarmouth. Another B9 heading for a Yarmouth overnight was 37576 on L8, but this had a headlight out when seen at Walpole.

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