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Thursday 14th January 2010 ~ X2 Bingo

Looks like all the snow has gone from Norwich bus station. Sam kindly sent this photo of 37565 during its rather foggy X2 wanderings today.

Royale 34108 leaves Peterborough rail station on the 11.05 to Lowestoft (Y9) today. Picture courtesy of Jamie Vendy

There was lots of excitement for our correspondents in the east of the region today when the X2 saw a Geminisation !! Quite unexpectedly, 37565 servicing completed worked the 08.03 Lowestoft - Norwich with Sam on board and to his surprise he then encountered Lynn's 37575 on the 09.08 from Norwich (07.08 ex Lowestoft). This event seems to have been brought about by excess B9s being present at Lowestoft. Michael Bryant adds that the two Elephants were out all day and Sam says they were due to complete their respective turns.

Elsewhere things were still unpredictable. Paragon 20501 did K3 for a second consecutive day - "Ahhhh luxury", says Rob Brooks, "just like the good old days". Part of the price to pay for the Geminis on the X2 though, was the use of 60863 on K16 and B7s 37156 on K18 and 37157 on Y7. Add to this 34108 on Y9 and the situation is not quite as straightforward. Grahame reports 37568 at Yarmouth with part of the front missing - it hasn't worked since Saturday and presumably will replace 60863 once repaired.

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