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Saturday January 2nd 2010 ~ Happy New Year !

As usual there were no services on New Year's Day, so today a full service resumed. In an almost shameless haste to get it off the route, 20107 was taken off K16 at Lowestoft on arrival with the 06.22 from King's Lynn. Its place was taken by something big and white (either 37565 or less likely, 37568). Michael Bryant reports that 20107 was then used on staff shuttles along with B7 37156. Tonight the latter was on L8, so may be 37565 and 37568 were both out today ?
34108 was having a change of scenery and was on the 99 to Kessingland.
At King's Lynn 37579 continues to be unavailable with an adblu problem, so a B7 deputised. All five were on the X1 today except 37158.
37562 was seen in a blizzard at Walton Highway this afternoon on K17 and has at last had its fleet number affixed to the front.

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