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Sunday 24th January 2010 ~ Something In The Air Tonight ?

Here's a rare old line up at Vancouver Avenue this evening, yes it's the X1 standby team with 34108, 37562 and 37156 ready for action !

A pretty average Sunday, punctuality was surprisingly not great considering the light traffic, but the Wisbech diversion can add a few minutes.
B9s on the route today were : 37564/7/8/9 & 37572/3/4/7/8. Something had to give though as 20127 & 34108 both ended up at Yarmouth last night. The 'Royale' was chosen to work the first turn off Yarmouth at 07.30. All was going well until the driver who took it forward to Peterborough from Lynn this evening at 18.50 reported a loss of air at Lynn railway station. Now this is by no means unheard of with 34108 and as usual, after the incident, it was found to be in perfect health. So an early bath for 34108 and instead 37159 was sent out in its place. 37572 on the 15.10 Peterborough - Lowestoft was reported to have lost an injector on arrival, so it looks like one of 37563/5/6 will have to replace it. 37575 is also a candidate if it has not gone to Volvo after all. Possible cover for a shortage at Lowestoft tomorrow looks like being 37157 or 20107.

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Snap2day said...

Wisbech Diversion - Mon 25/1/10 - Churchill Road open inwards, closed outwards. Journeys to P/Borough via Walsoken and bypass until.... temp traffic lights set up on bypass near to the new veg storage building! Then via Wishbech St Mary. From P/Borough via Weasenham Lane and Churchill Road. Any poor motorist new to Wisbech and wanting to travel the length of the A1101 across the Horsefair roundabout would have been VERY CONFUSED, as diversion signs pointed both to South Brink and the B198.