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Thursday 7th January 2010 ~ You Simply Never Know

After a couple of low floor days, today was more like old times, though some of this was down to disruption caused by snow and ice. Todays sightings cobbled together by Bruce and myself saw the following :
K2 37566 8 late on 07.30 ex Peterborough seen at Walpole Highway. It did not complete the turn this evening as it was in Vancouver Avenue at 20.00 when it should have been heading for Lowestoft.

K5 37572 32 late at Walpole on the 09.05 from Peterborough

Y6 37577 22 late at Walpole on the 05.50 from Yarmouth, then 27 late from Wisbech. It was then 33 late into Wisbech on the 09.35 from Peterborough.

Y7 Unknown vehicle into Lynn on the 06.10 from Yarmouth. The turn then departed to Peterborough with Scania 65531 which was 28 late from Wisbech and 24 late coming back. This was the first Lynn Scania appearance for quite sometime.

L8 not seen westbound but passed Bruce 30 late on the 10.35 ex Peterborough with 'The Beast' 20107 !

Y9 37573 32 late through Walpole on the 06.45 from Gorleston and late by the same margin into Wisbech on the 11.05 ex Peterborough

L10 37159 30 late at Walpole on the 07.05 from Gorleston and 20 late into Wisbech on the return, though strangely it omitted to call at the bus station and very swiftly did the stretch from Wisbech Town Bridge to Bruce's observatory in 9 minutes - probably because all the passengers were on 37573 just in front.

L11 37157 Due to late running took the A47 bypass from Tilney to the end of the Wisbech bypass and then returned on the booked route being only 3 late at Walpole

L12 Not seen in either direction

Y13 37564 2 minutes late westbound, right time eastbound.

At this point it looked like everything had righted itself, but things then got very confusing

K14 37563 49 late at Walpole westbound, 39 late into Wisbech eastbound

K15 37578 A whopping 85 late at Walpole westbound and 76 late returning from Peterborough on the 14.05.

So by now things were completely awry. At 15.18 37562 was seen passing my vantage point at Wisbech town bridge with 37579 20 seconds behind it. 562 it turned out was originally K17 but had now decided to become K16 ! It went directly from Lynn to Peterborough empty and was now on time as K16. 37579 behind it was K19 and this seems to have gone empty from Lynn with the intention of going to Peterborough, but realising that this would make the turn very late, the driver got to the end of the Wisbech bypass and then followed 562 in to the town. 579 then waited and departed at 15.56 as K17. The original vehicle on K16 (37575) and K18 with 37567 did not appear at all. K1 with 37569 due off Wisbech for Peterborough at 15.48 was almost 30 late. Some sort of normality resumed after this and K3 with 37160 was 12 late to Peterborough and 37576 on K4 just 3 late.
Because of the morning late running. K5 came back from Lowestoft with 37568 and Y6 then had 37572 (off K5). 37577 stepped up to Y7 and L8 was once again the beast, 20107 and was just 5 late into Wisbech to do the 21.00 to Lowestoft. L10 19.50 Lynn - Peterborough was 17 late and Y13 21.50 was unusually 19 late.
Conditions this evening were extremely icy and even the A47 had not been gritted here in the west by 20.30

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Sam Wickham said...

I think you may find the extreme late running/delays may have been due to them dropping (according to the website anyway) to hourly between KLN-PBO