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Wednesday 20th January 2010 ~ Where's My Map ?

The X1 service disruption around Wisbech continued today. Drivers seem to be taking whichever available route is less congested in order to try and maintain the timetable. Elsewhere further problems were caused today by a fatal accident between Narborough and the Hardwick Roundabout on the A47, resulting in the road being closed between about 09.00 & 17.00. Diversions were set up via Gayton which added to delays.

All things considered then, services fared quite well. here's a breakdown off what was seen :

K1 : 37566
K2 : 37569 7 late AM
K3 20500, 14 late ex Peterborough on the 08.05 ex Peterborough but 30 late this evening on the 17.35 back to Lynn
K4 20107 9 late AM, 5 late on the 19.35 Lynn - Lowestoft
K5 37573
Y6 37568 5 late AM, 5 late PM
Y7 37578 14 late on 10.05 ex Peterborough
L8 37570 3 late AM
Y9 37576 9 late AM
L10 37572 right time AM
L11 not seen AM, 37563 pm
L12 20118 5 late at Walpole on 11.15 Lynn - Peterborough
Y13 37160
K14 37574, 15 late on 13.35 P'bo - Lowestoft
K15 37567 on A47 bypass at Walpole at 13.30 (about 25 late) going west
K16 37579 7 late on 14.35 ex P'bo
K17 37562 7 late on 13.45 K Lynn - P'bo
K18 37575 4 late PM
K19 20501 17 late PM

The list of buses despatched from King's Lynn this morning revealed some changes were made. K14 began with 37567, K15 with 37579 and K16 with 37563. It would seem that services ran as planned until L10 but thereafter things went awry. L11 was most likely 37564 which terminated at Lynn. L12 was 37160 which because of delays became Y13 from Lynn and 20118 was inserted as L12 for a quick run to P'bo and back (second day running) , 37574 on Y13 then became K14 and 37567 off K14 became K15. K16 saw 37563 come off at Lynn and return immediately eastbound on L11, while K16 ran forward with K15s original vehicle 37579. L12 restarted at 14.02 to Lowestoft with 37564. This meant buses continued as normal with 37562 on K17. Quite a complex scenario. Later 37564 had a broken destination screen on L12. 37156 was retained for use on Lynn locals today.

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