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Tuesday January 19th 2010 ~ Diversion to the Diversion !

What a strange day - at one point, Wisbech was almost cut off ! The current diversionary route was amended again today when Churchill Road was closed, apparently according to Ian because of a gas leak. This meant westbound services took the normal route into the bus station, but then retraced their steps to the new B198 roundabout and then onto the Wisbech bypass, which was then travelled in its entirety to regain the route at Cromwell Road roundabout at the western extremity of the bypass.
Eastbound services from Peterborough were severely delayed by this additional version and on my way to work, expecting to see K2 passing me as usual, I was puzzled to find it behind me from the B198 roundabout belatedly heading into Wisbech. It arrived exactly 30 late, but by this afternoon was only 5 down. Worst affected service was K4 which was 56 late going to Lowestoft on the 09.26 from Wisbech with 37578. By some miracle, it was only 5 late this evening on the same turn. I assume from this that it turned round short of Lowestoft - can anyone confirm this ? K5 with 37575 which followed 38 late was changed at Lowestoft for 37567 and then several step down swaps took place. B10M 20107 began on Y7 but then graduated to Y9. Some sort of misfortune befell L11 which had 20118 running in its place from King's Lynn to Peterborough and back, seen at Walton Road, Lowestoft bound but still heading into Wisbech at 13.05 ! This would have meant it was about 15 late departing the Horsefair. L12 was not viewed, but this evening was 37156. K16 also had a B7 in the shape of 37160. 37158 meanwhile is stopped for an MOT.
K19, one of the premier Lynn B9 diagrams had the much more pleasant experience of 20500 today.
This evening Jamie R reported a very unusual and possibly unprecedented diversion, when X1s travelling from Peterborough were running from Weasenham Lane via Ramnoth Road past the Isle College to get to Norwich Road and back onto Churchill Road in Wisbech. He came in on K5 with 37567 about 12 late.

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Rob Brooks said...

Blimey, Ramnoth Road is quite tight in places, must have been intresting getting a B9 down there, let alone a coach!