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Wednesday 13th January 2010 ~ B7 Conundrum

Not sure exactly what is happening with the B7 Geminis, but Andy reports 37158-160 inclusive on King's Lynn locals today while 37156/7 were doing the X1, L11 and K4 to be precise. I'm sure the heating issue and general vehicle shortage at Lynn is to blame. 20501 was K3 today but 20500 was spared X1 use with its place being taken by the loaned 34108. Just when I thought it had gone, the bad penny, 60863 reappeared on L10. In fact I got stuck behind it this evening on L10 19.50 Lynn - Peterborough. Leaving the Pullover roundabout I could see it heading a stream of traffic, there being about five cars between me and it. We tottered along the A47 for a couple of miles at 50mph and on the next bend I looked and couldn't believe my eyes - there was no sign of 60863 whatsoever ! Next thing I could just make out its brake lights in the distance for Tilney roundabout, it having stormed along leaving the cars in its wake, that's what a 10 litre engine does for you !!

Once darkness had descended tonight the sleet which had been falling since mid afternoon turned readily to snow. On a trip to my GP's surgery I passed 37579 on K2 17.10 from Peterborough covered in snow and running 17 late. Bruce saw the complete timetable for me today - I was at Long Sutton again of which the only highlight was seeing (and hearing) Carnell's remaining Lynx on the Boston service negotiating the Market Place.

Bruce saw 37575 on K5 this morning, but for some reason - either late running or an ailment - it was replaced at Lowestoft by 37564. No sign of 20107 since last Thursday now and with 20106 now temporarily off the road, Hunstanton schools pupils are relying on 20105/18/21 to further their education.

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