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Monday 22nd September 2008 ~ As Timetabled !

An exceptional day for punctuality with the maximum lateness noted being Y14 12.01 Wisbech - Peterborough with 20121 which was 11 late departing. Of particular note was the 15.48 Peterborough - Yarmouth arriving at Wisbech on time at 16.35 with 20111, a feat seldom achieved even on good days.
The only swap occurred on K19 with 20107 going over (and incidentally noted by Sam at Chedgrave this afternoon on contract work) and 20126 coming back. The latter also sounding rough says Sam, however, it must be said that Yarmouth keep their solitary B10 in commendable external condition.
The Profiles seem to have settled down now and have been allocated Lynn diagrams 3,4 and 17.
20508 was once again procured for the Hunstanton schools work along with 20131 and 20142.

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