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Thursday 18th September 2008 ~ Lowestoft Liability

65527 strikes out across the Fens near Terrington on the 09.18 ex Peterborough

Yesterday you may recall that Sam was describing the slow progress of 20103, well it turned up at Lynn last night as booked, but Lynn were unable to use it today after receiving a phone call from Lowestoft to say it required a service before returning to traffic. Now this might seem a reasonable request, but, as those in the business will know, this is most definitely NOT the done thing. In this case it was especially cheeky as Lynn's 20127 which began K19 on Wed was swapped by Lowestoft for 20103, get the picture ? Anyway the fall out from this was 65527 being provided for K6 07.59 Lynn - Peterborough. The Scania returned as far as Lynn where a peculiar bit of rearranging took place. 20107 on J11 07.05 Gorleston -Pbo was turned round at Lynn to replace 65527 while J11 went forward to Peterborough with 20504 which had just come back empty from Norwich on the first part of K20.

20131/142/508 were all sidelined for the afternoon schools work.

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